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Recreate Responsibly Business Partner  

Welcome to the Recreate Responsibly Business Partner Certification!

Various Montana stakeholders involved in tourism, land management, and conservation have come together to create a Recreate Responsibly Business Partner Certification. Businesses across the state, who most frequently interact with visitors, are encouraged to take part in educating on the key recreate responsibly principles. Businesses who participate in the checklist of outreach/education tools are encouraged to hang a decal in their window to spread awareness of the certification and distribute Recreate Responsibly marketing materials such as stickers, rack cards and flyers. 

Here’s why you should get involved: 

  1. To educate Montana’s visitors on key Recreate Responsibly principles, destination stewardship and to help preserve the public lands around us. Be a part of the solution! We all need to work together to educate our visitors (and locals, too). 
  2. Front-line staff at local businesses frequently interact with visitors and will be key in disseminating these messages and marketing materials.

The certification program includes a list of activities (some big, some small) and we ask you do as many as you can, with a minimum of 3 activities to be considered certified. We trust our business partners, and the certification is based on the honor system.

On the following page, please indicate which of these activities you and your business will commit to doing. Upon completion, you will be directed to the Montana Recreate Responsibly Business Partner where you can view additional resources by Leave No Trace and TreadLightly!, and opt to take their online course "Take Action to Protect the Outdoors" and "TreadLightly! 101 Online Awareness Course" respectively. 

Your certification confirmation email will provide you links where you can view a toolkit to use and order rack cards, posters, stickers, and other informational collateral to distribute. 

Note that your Recreate Responsibly Business Partner window decal will automatically be sent to your business based on the address you have provided. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.